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Pawotence Beauty Lash Extension 280pcs

Transform your look with the Lash Extension 280pcs Individual Lashes DIY Kit. This affordable and versatile kit from Pawotence Beauty offers the finest updated PBT materials for softness, thickness, durability, and a natural appearance. With lengths ranging from 8-16mm and different volumes (30D, 40D, 50D), you can customize your lash look for any occasion. The DIY application saves time and money compared to salon visits, while the easy-application tips ensure a hassle-free process. Join the satisfied customers who rave about the convenience, quality, and affordability of this lash extension kit. Elevate your beauty routine with fuller, natural-looking lashes at a fraction of the cost.

Fake Lashes

B&Q Lash Extension Kit 280 PCS

Buy the DIY Lash Extension Kit by B&Q on Amazon because it offers a comprehensive package for creating stunning eyelash extensions at home. Priced at $25.99, this kit includes 280 individual lash clusters in a mix of lengths (9-16mm), along with lash glue, lash glue remover, a brush, and a tweezer applicator. The high-quality PBT material ensures a natural and lightweight feel. The kit is beginner-friendly, providing easy application and removal. B&Qaugen also offers excellent customer service with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Transform your look effortlessly with this all-in-one DIY Lash Extension Kit.

Fake Lashes

FANXITON Mink Lashes

Enhance your natural beauty with FANXITON Mink Lashes, offering a stunning, wispy cat-eye effect. These 10 pairs of high-quality, cruelty-free false eyelashes provide a natural appearance, complementing any occasion. The clear band ensures a seamless fit, comfortable wear, and doesn't obstruct your vision or interfere with glasses. The 15mm length strikes the perfect balance, creating charming, big-eye makeup without being overly dramatic. FANXITON prioritizes customer satisfaction, and their lashes are made from premium synthetic materials. With a 21% discount, these lashes are an affordable way to elevate your look. Embrace elegance and confidence effortlessly! 

False Lashes